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Water Conditioner Cycle Starter Pro Bacter (Bacteria) 130ML

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"Shrimps Forever ProBacter filter bacteria contains millions of live filter bacteria that shorten your aquarium startup period and accelerate the natural balance in the aquarium. These filter bacteria convert the waste to nitrates so that aquarium plants can absorb them. When starting an aquarium, waiting is almost always required because there are not enough of these (nitrifying) bacteria present. By adding them yourself you can cut the waiting time in half!
The filter bacteria occur on 3 locations in the aquarium. Most of them occur in the filter, then in the soil and then in the water. When you do a water change, filter bacteria will be lost. With Shrimps Forever ProBacter filter bacteria you can easily add them back with a few drops.
In addition, aquarium plants will grow better when you use probacter filter bacteria. Adding the filter bacteria to your aquarium water will convert enough nitrate from the beginning which is immediately available for aquarium plants."
  • Model: SF1003
  • Manufactured by: Shrimps Forever

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