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Shrimp Delight "Mineral" Putty Food 50 GR

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Shrimps Forever delight mineral paste is feed which is made from natural minerals. These minerals support different shrimp processes and also provide a purifying and improving effect on water quality. The mineral paste remains stable under water for a long time, which means the mineral paste is available for a long time.The minerals used for this paste feed are 100% pure and natural. Paste feed is soft and malleable so you can easily attach it to, for example, the glass or decoration.By absorbing small amounts of minerals, the molting of shrimps is supported and a strong armor is built up. In addition, minerals and trace elements provide optimal support for the coloring in the shrimp armor by stimulating the production of more pigment, starting at an early stage.In addition to the support of various shrimp processes, this mineral paste ensures purification of the aquarium water. Due to the addition of clay minerals which are negatively charged, pollution is bound so that they are no longer a threat to the shrimp. In addition, there is a reduction of waste minerals in the water.In the end, the Shrimps Forever delight mineral paste is a healthy, useful snack for your shrimps. The delight mineral paste will not affect the gH, kH and pH.
  • Model: SF4013
  • Manufactured by: Shrimps Forever

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